Issues and Trends Summit

This Summit will help you take a look at critical issues and trends facing poverty fighters.  You will gain practical steps from organizations on the ground facing these issues as well as wrestle with pressing questions with your fellow participants.  The Summit will include topics such as*:

  • Member Care - “You take care of the world...who’s taking care of you?”  Members are increasingly feeling the need to care for their staff, especially in unstable contexts.
  • Disaster Response -  In Tuesday's two hour disaster response session, Samaritan Purse’s Edward Densham will be sharing his intimate knowledge and involvement in SP’s worldwide Disaster Response engagement including: ‘programming in progress’ reports from their relief work; ‘lessons learned’; and ‘best practices’ from SP’s provision to logistics to security considerations in serving those in need. 
  • Mission Agencies - The line between development activities and proclamation activities is blurring.  The line between development agencies and mission agencies is blurring.  How can we work to inform others on the intrinsic value of mission agencies for which we work?
  • Policy and Advocacy - Excellent advocacy goes beyond endearing a volunteer or donor or politician to our own organizations, it gives them a vision of God’s heart for the poor beyond the few ways they can tangibly support a single organization’s work. We seek to mobilize donors, constituents, and influencers in such a way that they will readily desire to use their voice and influence to address systemic poverty and injustice in society at-large.

Pricing (early bird ended on September 8, 2017):
Accord Member On Campus - $455
Accord Member Off Campus - $535
Nonmember On Campus - $555
Nonmember Off Campus - $555

To book a room, please call Ridgecrest Conference Center at 800.588.7222
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