Spiritual Metrics and Research Intensive, October 9

Knowing what works, what doesn’t, and why is essential for designing effective human development programs.

RCTs, or Randomized Control Trials, are considered the ‘gold standard’ in clinical research and for that reason are often used in impact evaluation to measure program effectiveness. RCTs allow for a comparison of a program’s observed outcomes or impacts with what would have happened had the program not been implemented. This is usually achieved by randomly assigning the program intervention to control and treatment groups before the program is launched, and then comparing the differences between the two groups. By isolating and testing the impact of the program, impact evaluations provide valuable and valid information on program effectiveness.

Because RCTs are rising in popularity as a way to measure what matters in human development programs, it is important to understand why they work, when they work, and when they may or may not be appropriate. More specifically for the faith-based community, it is important to appreciate how RCTs are currently being used in spiritual metrics and how other organizations are integrating results into program design and organizational policies.

In this one-day intensive participants will:

1.    Gain a comprehensive understanding of RCTs and their uses

2.    Discover current trends and innovations in RCTs, especially with regards to spiritual metrics

3.    Develop a toolkit of appropriate methods for conducting RCTs

4.    Learn from case studies on how to apply the results of an RCT to program development for any size organization.

The day will be structured with keynote speakers for each core topic, followed by 2 break-out sessions per topic so participants can engage at their own comfort level and level of interest.

Please find a comprehensive schedule below.

Led by Kristen Check (Water Mission), Rodney Green (World Relief), and David Bronkema of Eastern University
Hosted by the Accord Research Alliance

Pricing (early bird ended on September 8, 2017): $109

To book a room, please call Ridgecrest Conference Center at 800.588.7222
Standard rooms are $106/night
Deluxe rooms are $136/night