Exhibiting and Sponsorship Opportunities

The OneAccord Forum is one of the most unique opportunities in the relief and development sector. You will rub shoulders with leaders and practitioners in nearly every field and across nearly every continent. Below you find a list of exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in exhibiting in 2018, or if you have further questions, please email jon[at]accordnetwork[dot]org.


Booth in hallway - $1000 Max 5

  • Includes one registration
  • Second registration 50% off

Booth in plenary - $1100 Max 17

  • Includes one registration
  • Second registration 50% off


Meal or Dessert Reception Sponsorship - $3000 Max 5

  • Includes one registration
  • 4 minutes of mic time to full audience
  • Access to A/V for video, slides, etc.
  • Literature distribution during event
  • Branding on packet as premium sponsor

Summit Sponsor - $2000  

  • Includes one registration
  • Second and third registrants 50% off
  • 3-4 minutes of speaking time during summit
  • Access to A/V, if accessible
  • Branding on website

Intensive Sponsor - $1000

  • Includes free registration to intensive
  • Literature distribution during intensive
  • Includes branding on website pre/post event

Literature drop - $250  Max 2 per meal

  • Distributed literature during one meal

Lanyard Sponsor - $1500

  • Your logo on the lanyard of every name tag