Issues and Trends

This track will examine multiple areas of the relief and development sector in a classroom-based format. We will examine business and small enterprise as interventions from a philosophical and practical level, gender equity in the home and work, and we will look at how we can maintain integral mission during localization.

This track will include four 75-minute break-out sessions 

Session titles and descriptions subject to change

Session 1: Profit for Purpose: How Social Enterprises are Meeting the Social Need for Safe Water

With over 2 billion people globally lacking safely managed water at home, Matt Hangen, CEO of Water4, believes that providing access to affordable, safe , reliable water is not only critical, but also within reach. Solving a water crisis of this size requires us to leverage all resources, including those within the markets we serve. Taking an enterprise-based approach, Water4 starts and scales locally-run social businesses with the quadruple bottom line of profits, people, the environment, and spiritual purpose through their safe water work. In this session, Matt will share from his years of community development experience how a market-based approach to safe water supply is essential and challenge participants to identify and leverage existing local resources to solve global challenges where they exist.


Speaker: Matt Hangen, Water4

Matt has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biblical Theology and Missiology, 5 years of experience as a youth minister, was a full-time missionary in Togo, West Africa for five years, and has been with Water4 since 2011, taking on senior leadership at Water4 in 2016 where he serves as President and CEO.

Session 2: Fighting Poverty through Enterprise

Over the last decade a new breed of venture capitalism has emerged: social impact investors who invest in sustainable and scalable enterprises among the poor. These enterprises generate social returns in terms of lives impacted and innovative goods and services that serve the poor. This lecture will look at businesses designed to tackle issues of poverty in Africa and Asia in the areas of education, sanitation, cookstoves, recidivism and human trafficking. It will describe the growth of the social impact investment universe from angel investors, family offices to government and institutional social venture funds.


Speaker: Dato Dr. Kim Tan, SpringHill BioVentures

Dato Dr Kim Tan is a University of Surrey alumnus and Council member, a pioneering biotech entrepreneur and champion for global social impact investment. He managed Malaysia’s first biotech venture-capital fund, SpringHill BioVentures helping to lay the foundation for the biotech industry in the country. He was the founder chairman of the NCI Cancer Hospital (Malaysia) and a board member of the APEC Life Science Innovation Forum and the Centre for Enterprise, Markets & Ethics (Oxford). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK).

Session 3: Reflecting Kingdom Culture Through Gender Equality at Home and at Work

This session will introduce the core themes of a four day leadership workshop, ‘Women and Men Leading Together’, developed for Christian leaders serving in churches, non-profit and other local organizations around the world. This session is intended for those who are seeking to understand God’s desire for men and women to be good stewards of their leadership gifts.

Biblically based in its design, the course is interactive and structured to allow contextualization within different cultures. The process creates conditions that encourage personal freedom in discerning God’s intention to see women and men serve in collaboration, integrating and mobilizing the fullest extent of their mutual gifts and skills in their Kingdom mission.


Speaker: Michele Breene, Development Associates International

Michele Breene has specialized in Leadership Development, Team Building and Executive Coaching for more than 25 years in the UK, the USA and around the world. Her work has spanned numerous Fortune 100 companies, as well as Christian non-profits and philanthropic organizations. Recently she has coached as adjunct faculty on the Kellogg North Western Advanced Management Program. For the past eight years, Michele has also been serving as senior consultant for staff and curriculum development with Development Associates International (, a non-profit organization whose mission is the transformation of communities through servant leadership. Today, Michele’s primary focus is as Mentor, Facilitator, Coach and Spiritual Director with a variety of organizations in aspects of leadership relating to spiritual formation and gender equity.

Session 4: Localization and Integral Mission

This session will explore current trends in international development related to localization from and operational, strategic, and missiological lens. The session will tackle how international organizations, local organization and the local church can partner together in the pursuit of excellence in Integral Mission.

Speaker: Myal Green, World Relief