Marketing and Fundraising

 Do you have a marketing and fundraising strategy that lines up with your calling as a Christian organization? Does it effectively serve your beneficiaries, your donors, your program department, and your staff? Bring your biggest challenge to this session and be prepared to leave with a better vision for your brand!

This track will include five 75-minute break-out sessions examining one facet of marketing and fundraising. 

All sessions and descriptions subject to change

Session 1: Marketing Meets Donor Development

Often our donors feel like their primary function is similar to that of an ATM - punch in the right buttons and you’ll get the money you need. As Christians in this space, we understand that holistic development can only occur when donors are properly served and included in the process.

In this session, we will think about how you can structure your marketing department in a way that serves your constituents, your donors, and your fundraising department?

Session 2: Marketing Meets Programming

How do you create synergy between your marketing team and your program team? How do you ethically tell your ministerial story with grace? This session will help you develop a strategy for bridging the gap between marketing and program.

Session 3: Marketing Meets Member Care

You care for the world; who is caring for you? How are you promoting the healthy soul care and spiritual formation your organization pursues?

Session 4: Marketing Meets Your Biggest Challenge

Accord members believe that we are better together. Collaboration among Christians is vital. In that spirit, we invite you to bring your most challenging marketing problem to a panel of rockstar marketing professionals. In true innovation laboratory style we will put our heads together and come up with some solutions!