Research Intensive


Integrating Faith with Relief, Development, and Advocacy:  
Research, Metrics and Implementation

WHEN: Monday, October 29, 9:00 AM -- 4:00 PM (Preceding OneAccord)
WHERE: Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest NC
COST: $99--includes lunch and materials
WHO SHOULD COME: Everyone working in relief or development from a Christ-centered perspective who has an interest in research.   Open to Accord members and non members alike.

The faith-based development sector continues to struggle with how to best design, implement, and assess programs and projects geared towards furthering the holistic (spiritual, social, emotional  and “material”) well-being of those with whom they are working.

This workshop will face this struggle head-on.  We will hear from sector experts who are facing these challenges by conducting exploratory research at their academic institutions. You will be able to share your own innovative approaches, methods, and tools that you are using to meet the challenges of integrating faith with relief and development in research and program implementation.  And you can share the challenges you face and best practices you use when incorporating findings into program management strategies. Finally, we will discuss the opportunities of the Accord Research Alliance and define an agenda so we can best support and serve you as you work to better integrate faith with relief and development in research.

Join us and you will leave with:
1.  A solid understanding of the current nature and scope of the faith-based development sector as a whole, and the main issues with which it is contending.
2.  Knowledge of a good variety of creative and innovative tools, methods, and approaches for research in relief, development, and advocacy work utilized by like-minded Christ-centered organizations.
3.   Clear identification of what kinds of supporting resources, documents, tools, or research would be most useful for Accord members on this subject.