Each track below will include four 75-minute break-out sessions examining one facet of the subject.  

“That they will be one, as you and I are one” John 15. 
From the donor letter to the field, our work is partnership.  We would immediately fail without it.  Join us to learn the theology of partnership, trends in partnership with the mission world, and tips for partnering with churches.  You will leave with a new appreciation for the web of relationships that God has given you and ready to expand your network.

We are all leaders in our spheres, but rarely do we take time to step back, take a breath, and think through our leadership and its elements.  This Leadership track will give you the chance not only to hear from key leaders, but to learn some integral philosophy behind effective NGO leadership. 

Marketing and Fundraising
Gaining donors is more than an organizational chore.  It is a God-given privilege to invite others to engage the poor through the lens of our programming.  Join Dan Kennedy from Kumveka for a four-part curriculum into effective trends in marketing, fundraising, and brand.

Member Care
You take care of the world…who is taking care of you?  Member care encompasses how we train, support and sustain our staff both in the US and in the field.  We have the privilege of supporting the poor, but we have the opportunity—and responsibility—to work with our staff in their business and spiritual lives.  This makes them—and our work—more effective and life-giving. 

Business and Small Enterprise Solutions to Poverty
By popular demand.  Over the past 30 years, extreme poverty has been cut in half due not only our efforts, but because of governments around the world embracing markets.  We will investigate how enterprise solutions to poverty can be the most sustaining and effective programs for our beneficiaries. 

What the US Government matters to our organizations.  We will investigate the trendlines of the USG, from poverty focused development assistance, to how you can partner with the US government, to how our religious freedom is being treated by the US government.  If you have ever thought of partnering with The US Government (and yes, they need you) this track will be invaluable for you.