WASH Intensive

Inaugural WASH Intensive:

This year the Accord WASH Alliance brings together experts who are designing and implementing best in class strategies, programs, and approaches to solve the global water crisis. Join us in celebrating 10 years of learning and collaboration at our first WASH Intensive, where we will learn from colleagues working in faith, water quality, SDGs, and more.

WHEN: Monday, September 30, 9:00 AM -- 4:00 PM (Preceding OneAccord Forum)
WHERE: Ridgecrest Conference Center, Ridgecrest NC
COST: Thanks to our WASH event sponsors, lunch and materials will be provided at no additional cost.
WHO SHOULD COME: Everyone working in relief or development from a Christ-centered perspective who has an interest in WASH-centered strategies. Open to Accord members and nonmembers alike.

Session 1: Mobilizing Local Faith Actors to Achieve SDG 6

As many of us know, the WASH sector is increasingly recognizing the value of engaging with faith actors. Learn from Living Water International and Tearfund UK as they present examples from district-level WASH programs in Zimbabwe and Zambia, respectively, along with a toolkit called Flourish they co-developed for district-level church and community mobilization for WASH.

Session 2: Water Quality: Methodology and Emerging Contaminants

Samaritan’s Purse and Water Mission will share best in class water quality testing standards and methods and discuss upcoming concerns and approaches to new contaminants emerging. This will be a hands-on session, learning practical steps in water quality testing and treatment.

Session 3: Poster Presentations

Posters are a great means of showcasing what you are doing, disseminating information, exchanging ideas, and developing and strengthening partnerships. Outstanding poster submissions will be selected and given dedicated time during the WASH Intensive. All other posters will be on display throughout the week.  

Session 4: WASH in Healthcare Facilities

Assuring access to sustainable clean water, basic sanitation and hygiene (WASH) inside hospitals and health clinics is the foundation for maternal/child health, infection prevention and control, pandemic prevention, antibiotic resistance, and the call for Universal Health Coverage. Multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cannot be achieved without it. Learn practical steps that have been identified that countries can take at the national and sub-national level to improve WASH in health care facilities. 

Session 5: Deconstructing the Sustainable Development Goals

There is a tendency for the “sacred” and “secular” to reject one another but this session is designed to assert that the picture painted by The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is included within the Kingdom picture of Shalom. The SDG's are a collection of 17 holistic, poverty elevating, global goals set by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 to be achieved by 2030 which categorically articulate the social mission challenges that faith based actors should also address to achieve Integral Mission. Leveraging what we agree on and building global fluency with secular development actors, this opens doors to learning, partnership, influence, advocacy, and funding.

Intensive Speakers:

Nathan Mallonee, Senior Director, Living Water International
Lindsay Denny, Health Advisor, Global Water 2020
Jeff Zapor, Engineering and Innovation Director, Water Mission
Jason Brooks, WASH Sr. Technical Advisor, ADRA
Jessica Mahan, Project Engineer, Water Mission
Scott Powell, WASH Senior Global Technical Advisor, Samaritan’s Purse
Matt Hangen, President and CEO, Water4
Jonathan Wiles, Senior Vice President, Living Water International

WASH Posters – Call for Submissions

As in the past, you are invited to propose a poster to be presented at the forum. We welcome posters that present a specific example of how you or your organization has made contributions that exemplify Christ-centered expression of WASH practice in accordance with the Accord Principles of Excellence in WASH. We invite contributions in all areas of WASH and hope to have a wide range of applications represented in the posters. Specifically encouraged are contributions that:  

 Align with the Pre-Forum WASH Intensive topics, which include:

  • Faith in WASH 

  • WASH in Healthcare Facilities  

  • Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 

  • Water Quality: Emerging Contaminants 

  • Water Quality: Measurement Methods 

Address trending and emerging issues in WASH, such as

  • Emergency Response 

  • Menstrual Hygiene Management 

  • Equity and Inclusion 

  • Technical Challenges

  • Behavior Change 

Once you identify one or more specific examples that you would like to share at the forum, please write a brief summary of your concept (less than 500 words) and email it to wash[at]accordnetwork[dot]org, along with any relevant pictures or other attachments.

 Submissions due by:
August 30, 2019